Aging in Place in the Garden – Praying Mantis Series

So many of us gardeners find praying mantis captivating. For me, I am captured by their seeming dreamlike attitude. They don’t cavort like butterflies or bees. They seem to be waiting for something to happen. I add my DH’s pictures of them from this season and then link to others that I have found as captivating in photo form as in real life.

praying mantis facing camera
Is this my good side? I think this is my good side!

praying mantis facing camera
EEK! Am I really that green?

brown praying mantis on wall
Looking for Mr. Right

Praying mantis on fern
Praying Mantis seems to be on his bicycle, but it is really a fern

praying mantis egg case
praying mantis egg case – what to watch for and what to leave alone

For a series of photos on the “Mystical Magical Mantis” go to The Iris and The Lily blog – and hold on!

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