Blaming Others or Ourselves — Why It Doesn’t Make Sense

Are you concerned too? Maybe it is just the press, but everybody seems to be blaming somebody else for how bad something is. Examples: It is not just our driving our cars with abandon wherever and whenever we want (rather than planning ahead, foregoing trips, etc.), it is BIG OIL that is to blame for the high prices of gasoline. It wasn’t our buying houses that we couldn’t afford. It isn’t our buying anything and everything we want on credit and not saving anything for a rainy day, it is BIG BANKS that are to blame for our bad economy. It isn’t our lack of knowledge and interest in how the government or private businesses work that is the problem, it is the PRESIDENT, DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS, or BUSINESS in general that are to blame for EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG, BAD, or WHAT WE JUST DON’T LIKE.

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Blame Cartoon from Columbia

Remember when we used to worry about people who had a “victim” mentality? We don’t recognize it in ourselves. Life isn’t fair, we don’t all start out with the same blessings in life and head starts, and we seemingly randomly get sick and suffer and some even die. We can’t fix everything, but we can participate and make positive changes, and get on board with working with others, even people and organizations we don’t agree with, to find solutions, rather than just ranting and blaming, and thinking that everyone is our enemy.

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politics of blame

There! I feel better just having laid out an alternative approach to what seems to be eating us right now. Many of our elected officials in Congress seems to have gotten the blame virus and have forgotten that with only two political parties in either House, it is necessary to negotiate a settlement on any action, some middle ground, rather than just point fingers and play the blame game.

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What are we trying to accomplish? We want cheaper prices at the pump – do we expect BIG OIL to give us cheaper prices when we as a nation are competing for the same oil reserves as China and India? We want our houses to be worth more than they are now. We want foreclosures to go away. We want more money in our savings accounts. Do we expect BIG BANKS to give us these results if we point our fingers at them and blame them for where we are now? We want our government to lower our taxes and give us free health care, education, police and fire protection, libraries, heck, even parks, without taxing us to pay for them. Do we expect to get this with either party in control of our local, State, or national agencies, legislatures, or judiciary? Take responsibility, help find solutions, stop playing in the pity party. Start by voting!

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