Longwood Gardens Waterlilies – 6

This is the sixth post in a large series about our trip to Longwood Gardens Conservatories and Waterlily Pools in Pennsylvania in late fall in 2012. We spent only a day there but toured the entire indoor 5 acre spread as well as the waterlily pools and model train garden. This post is the final on the waterlilies. Other photos of the waterlilies are here and here.

Longwood Blog 11 29 07 1024x941 Longwood Gardens Waterlilies   6
Entry to Conservatories

Longwood Blog 11 29 05 1024x604 Longwood Gardens Waterlilies   6
So restful and beautiful at the waterlily pools

Longwood Blog 11 29 01 1024x764 Longwood Gardens Waterlilies   6
St Louis Gold tropical day flowering waterlily

Longwood Blog 11 29 021 660x1024 Longwood Gardens Waterlilies   6
Tropical night flowering nymphaea James Gurney

Longwood Blog 11 29 03 1024x865 Longwood Gardens Waterlilies   6
unidentified waterlily

We can also recommend their splendid and elegant restaurant “1906” (the year Dupont purchased Longwood). This restaurant is more upscale than their “Terrace” restaurant. Here, they bring little china flower pots in which a nice yeasty roll is baked. We didn’t take a picture, but found one on another site:

clay pot DSC 0197 Longwood Gardens Waterlilies   6
clay pot 1906

Cute, huh? The restaurant is quite elegant and serves very good food. They don’t care how you are dressed, but this would be a splendid place for any celebration!

1906 restaurant 23506 Longwood Gardens Waterlilies   6
1906 restaurant interior

Go to http://www.longwoodgardens.org for more information about visiting this wonderful site and learning more about its history (see http://www.longwoodgardens.org/TheStoryofLongwood_1_3_2_1_1.html). Tickets are available on-line and at the gardens. Adult entry is $18. Senior, military, student, and group discounts are available. An electric scooter is available for another $15 for handicapped visitors. Because of the popularity of the conservatories during Christmas, entrance fees rise to $25 during the week between Christmas and New Years, and during the weekends near Christmas. The place is very “green”, achieving LEED status, zero-food miles at the 1906 restaurant, etc., etc., so it is a good investment as well as a joy to behold any time of the year!

We will share our photos of other parts of the conservatories in future posts. Hope your preparation and celebration of the winter holidays are going well and that you are well! Best to you all!

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