Winter Gardens from Pinterest

We love Pinterest and its member’s collections of photos and whatnots. We would like to share others’ photos of winter gardens that have appeared on different boards on Pinterest. We don’t know how to reference them completely since some boards do not refer back to their source completely, so we will share them with you and send you to the site (either Pinterest or source) for the picture. Each of the captions is linked to the board or location source. Enjoy!

boston public garden 234890936784544791 1sJT6its b Winter Gardens from Pinterest
boston public garden

winter garden 171136854559867834 1tFF3SqK b Winter Gardens from Pinterest
winter garden

winter garden 107242034847112700 UwqEyuSM Winter Gardens from Pinterest
winter garden – 2

winter garden 223139356507249757 iIAG0IjJ b Winter Gardens from Pinterest
winter garden – 3

frosty tree 192599321533959627 YyeTlSUr b Winter Gardens from Pinterest
frosty tree

first snowfall duluth mn 177962622744817136 CRAc0daJ b Winter Gardens from Pinterest
first snowfall duluth mn

pink frost rose 191262315394530563 lfkWXAKy b Winter Gardens from Pinterest
pink frost rose

And a Merry Christmas to you all!

snowing christmas tree tumblr ldhip435G01qaycf7o1 500 Winter Gardens from Pinterest
snowing christmas tree



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Hi! I'm Shenandoah, an ancient gardener, attempting to age in place at home and in my garden. I'm in dream zone 7a able to grow just about anything. I want to help others plan their garden and living experience to age in place and never grow old in their hearts!

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