Roses at Longwood Gardens – 1

Continuing our sharing of photos we collected, this is a post on the roses at Longwood Gardens. This trip was at the end of October, so we were at the very end of their prolific outdoor bloom. We have been at Longwood Gardens in the deep winter and seen them in the hot houses blooming away, but this was especially nice in front of their topiary gardens and in crisp fall cool weather. There were only about eight varieties blooming, three tea roses, two floribundas, one grandiflora, and I forget what the others were. As I may have said on earlier posts, when we go we get a little giddy, like children and sometimes I forget to take notes! DH’s forte is flower blossoms (if you are not already aware) so I feature these shots in this first post. The first rose is a hybrid tea named “Mr Lincoln:”

Longwood Gardens roses 30 784x1024 Roses at Longwood Gardens   1
DH takes single blossom shots that are drop dead beautiful!

Longwood Gardens roses 27 817x1024 Roses at Longwood Gardens   1
Longwood Gardens: Hybrid Tea “BARbetod (Bella di Todi)

Longwood Gardens roses 24 1024x914 Roses at Longwood Gardens   1
Longwood Gardens: This is a hybrid tea, the name of which I did not write down

Longwood Gardens roses 17 768x1024 Roses at Longwood Gardens   1
Longwood Gardens: Harpageant (Easy Does It) rose

Longwood Gardens roses 15 723x1024 Roses at Longwood Gardens   1
Longwood Gardens: This is Meibedull (Apricot Candy).

Even though a rose bush is not usually a thing of beauty from afar, the buds and blossoms as close ups knock your socks off! Of course, when we return home and I start looking at the photos in LightRoom, I am even more amazed by their delicacy and beauty. Are any of you out there rose afficionados? What other single blossoms are your favorites?



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