While We Are in Florida

Foraging Sandhill Cranes February 2013

Foraging Sandhill Cranes
Foraging Sandhill Cranes

Wildlife January 11, 2013 8

Wildlife January 12, 2013 11Wildlife January 11, 2013 6

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2 thoughts on “While We Are in Florida”

  1. You must be good,you have one of my favourite plants at the top of your blog! (Dicentra spectabilis- I like its less common, common name Lady in a Bath!)
    In fact you are pinching the ‘wallpaper’ of my own blog

  2. Hi Roger,
    I never knew the name “lady in a bath” – that is so cool! Dear Husband captured these bleeding hearts year before last and I loved them so much, I’ve used his photo again and again! Thanks for sharing!
    Best to you,

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