While We Are in Florida

Foraging Sandhill Cranes February 2013

Wildlife January 18 2013 18 While We Are in Florida
Foraging Sandhill Cranes

Wildlife January 11 2013 8 While We Are in Florida

Wildlife January 12 2013 11 While We Are in FloridaWildlife January 11 2013 6 While We Are in Florida

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About shenandoah kepler

Hi! I'm Shenandoah, an ancient gardener, attempting to age in place at home and in my garden. I'm in dream zone 7a able to grow just about anything. I want to help others plan their garden and living experience to age in place and never grow old in their hearts!

2 thoughts on “While We Are in Florida

  1. You must be good,you have one of my favourite plants at the top of your blog! (Dicentra spectabilis- I like its less common, common name Lady in a Bath!)
    In fact you are pinching the ‘wallpaper’ of my own blog

  2. Hi Roger,
    I never knew the name “lady in a bath” – that is so cool! Dear Husband captured these bleeding hearts year before last and I loved them so much, I’ve used his photo again and again! Thanks for sharing!
    Best to you,

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