Florida Dreaming and Beach-Themed Birdhouses

So you know we are down in central Florida until April, right? We are “Florida Dreaming” in our own warm world…

Screen Shot 2013 01 15 at 12.55.47 PM Florida Dreaming and Beach Themed Birdhouses
This is about 7 minutes from our house!

1. Weather:  It has been a wonderful time since January with temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s and sunny almost every day. It may occasionally fall into the 30’s at night, but only one night did it reach 32 degrees. Then climbs right up by 10 am!

2. Landscape Rejuvenation:  Wonderful weather to prune and water new plantings!

Landscape January 24 2013 13 Florida Dreaming and Beach Themed Birdhouses
Chinese fan palm on one side of the front of the house

We’ll take more photos when the pruning is done so you can see how severely we have cut the old hedges back to the height of the new plants.

3. Birdhouses: Maybe you also know that we love birdhouses. We have featured some of them in posts on our garden art. In Florida we only have a couple of indoor decorative birdhouses on our bookshelves.  But I wanted to share with you an Etsy site that we have bought from that features some great beachy birdhouses. It is called Tuttomare (all from the sea) run by Suzan Titus in Fishkill, NY.

Birdhouses February 16 2013 1 Florida Dreaming and Beach Themed Birdhouses
Lighthouse birdhouse front

We receive no remuneration from this site, but wanted to share it because it has some wonderful items on it and has a seaside theme that will warm your days wherever you are!

Birdhouses February 16 2013 2 Florida Dreaming and Beach Themed Birdhouses
Lighthouse Birdhouse back

Suzan says that she can recreate the birdhouses I have bought and photographed here, as well as having others to share in as little as one week.

Birdhouses February 16 2013 4 Florida Dreaming and Beach Themed Birdhouses
Tiki Hut birdhouse front

One of Suzan’s birdhouses will be the object of a giveaway we plan to announce soon, so stay tuned for a super contest! Meanwhile click Tuttomare here and visit her website for cool stuff!

Birdhouses February 16 2013 5 Florida Dreaming and Beach Themed Birdhouses
Tiki Hut Bridhouse Back

I’m crazy about the little flip-flops on the Tiki Hut!

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