Ways To Get Your House Ready For Your Summer Parties

This is a guest blog by Heather Beleno.

Summertime is just around the corner and for many of us, this means party time as well. Once again, we’ll get to take advantage of our backyards, pools and lawns entertaining family, friends and out of town guests. Pool cleaning, investing in a tow behind lawn vacuum and stocking up on your favorite food and drinks are chores you tackle now so you have less work to do when the party starts.

Here are five ways to get your house ready for summer parties.

1. Clean the Pool (if you have one)

Our next door neighbors on either side of us have pools and we note that they have them serviced and maintained as soon as possible in the early summer or late spring (at least by May here in the Mid-Atlantic). A winter under cover has no doubt left your pool in sorry shape. Leaves, dirt and other debris will have found their way in.

 Ways To Get Your House Ready For Your Summer Parties
Cleaning the bottom of the pool

You may also need to spend time cleaning the pool surround in case any mold or mildew sprouted over the winter months. Remember to clean the pool cover as well, which has taken the brunt of the winter storms.

2. Stock Up on Supplies

Look for sales on your favorite party snacks and supplies. When they go on sale, buy several extras so you have what you need on hand. Look for deals on cups, plates, crackers, chips and other non-perishable items you can store in your garage or pantry. This way, you’ll spend less time shopping and will save money by buying when prices are lower.

plates 0002450202391 A Ways To Get Your House Ready For Your Summer Parties
disposable plates

We usually buy at big box stores so we have party supplies for more than one party or even one season and store them high on the shelves in our pantry. Remember the themes your parties might have so you don’t buy supplies that won’t go with the themes (don’t buy purple when you will probably host a 4th of July party – red, white, and blue are great colors to follow through all summer).

3. Clean the House

If you entertain a great deal during the summer months, use spring to complete a deep cleaning of your home that includes washing the interior and exterior of windows, scrubbing walls (that might still bear some bean dip from last year), and reorganizing cupboards and cabinets. With a big spring clean out of the way, the smaller touch up cleanings before parties won’t seem as demanding.

spring clean 539w Ways To Get Your House Ready For Your Summer Parties
spring cleaning supplies

4. Fresh Bathrooms

The bathrooms in your house take a lot of abuse during parties. Freshen up your guest bathroom with new “party” linens and accessories like soap, candles and artwork. Your bathroom will look brand new with just a few changes.

bath linens SalesEvent 14026 Logo 1 Ways To Get Your House Ready For Your Summer Parties
Bath accessories

5. Lawn Care and Yard Readiness

Lawns take abuse during parties as well and should be in top shape before the summer really gets going. Spring is prime growing season for grass. Mow your lawn regularly using a tow behind lawn vacuum, which will keep clippings out of the pool. It will also keep grass clippings off of people’s shoes and make it less likely that they bring the lawn inside with them.

CSB 3657 Ways To Get Your House Ready For Your Summer Parties
Under an umbrella on a hot day!

We also make sure the mulch is fresh in beds and walkways, everything weeded at least close to the house, think about shade on the patio depending upon what time the party will be, and set up croquet, volleyball, and softball when there are children visiting, for sure.

Get ready for your summer party plans and have more fun by taking care of the chores you can before party season hits.

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