Renovation Landscaping in Central Florida

This is the third post on the renovation landscaping we have now completed on our little home in Central Florida. The earlier posts are here and here. We have completed our month of daily watering (as instructed by the nursery from which we bought everything) and most of the pruning of the older hedges that had all overgrown their location. We have received two nights of below freezing conditions and can report that all is well. We have spread slow release fertilizer around all the landscaping areas and rooted out dozens of volunteer saw palmettos. This is what it used to look like (bushes in circle are ligustrum – also known as japanese privet):

Landscape January 13 2013 2 Renovation Landscaping in Central Florida
Our little doublewide in sunny Florida

This is what it looked like when we first filled the “holes” (in the center of the circular bed is a Chinese fan palm):Landscape January 26 2013 1 Renovation Landscaping in Central Florida

And this is what it looks like now:

Landscaping February 16 2013 3 Renovation Landscaping in Central Florida
The front beds are all pruned and ready to sprout forth!

Landscaping February 16 2013 2 Renovation Landscaping in Central Florida
The old hedges have been severely pruned to match the heights of the new ones, but once they put on new growth, they will be hard to tell apart.

Landscaping February 16 2013 1 Renovation Landscaping in Central Florida
A little mulch, a weekly sprinkle, and there you are!

Although we are never really “finished” with planting and landscaping and gardening in general, are we? We have about 6 more weeks of Florida before we head north again. What can we accomplish in that time and still have time to travel and photograph nature down here? What are in your plans through March?

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