Spring in Our Backyard

Spring in our backyard and there’s still a crispness in the air.

Spring 2013 backyard 55 Spring in Our Backyard
Ferns unfurling in our backyard

Nothing above 70 degrees F these last few days, but with a week of 80’s several weeks ago, everything is blossoming and sprouting and generally peeking out from its winter cover.

Spring 2013 backyard 52 Spring in Our Backyard
Hostas hoisting their heads in our backyard

We have been weeding for weeks.

Spring 2013 backyard 48 Spring in Our Backyard
Pulmonaria pushing forth

We put out 120 gallons of weeds yesterday and weeded another 15 gallons this afternoon.

Spring 2013 backyard 8 Spring in Our Backyard
Redbud rejoicing

We planted 3 blackberry, 2 blueberry, and 3 grasses in our newly widened beds skirting the path to the urn in the back yard.

Spring 2013 backyard 11 Spring in Our Backyard
Periwinkle pirouetting

Landscapers coming next week to spray beds for weeds, lay down fresh mulch, and “tidy up.”

Spring 2013 backyard 5 Spring in Our Backyard
Crabapple cresting

There’s so much to do!

Spring 2013 backyard 23 Spring in Our Backyard
Dogwood dancing in our backyard

So much to see!

Spring 2013 backyard 19 Spring in Our Backyard
Daffodils dallying in our backyard

So much to enjoy!


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