Mostly Magnolia

Weed, weed, weed! It’s what I do! There’s so much to pull, but here’s photos of our backyard in bloom, and mostly magnolia photos!

Spring 2013 backyard 7 Mostly Magnolia
Star magnolia in all its glory!

Spring 2013 backyard 2 Mostly Magnolia
Star magnolia closeup

Spring 2013 backyard 1 Mostly Magnolia
Another closeup of star magnolia

Spring 2013 backyard 3 Mostly Magnolia
Flowering around the flagpole

Spring 2013 backyard 14 Mostly Magnolia
And a place to rest ourselves

Spring 2013 backyard 27 Mostly Magnolia
More magnolia blooms


Spring 2013 backyard 28 Mostly Magnolia
Fall flowering (ha!) cherry in our backyard

Spring 2013 backyard 34 Mostly Magnolia

Birdhouse and redbud in our backyard

It might be nice to add the Magnolia Grandiflora to either the back yard or the front. I have been reading about a new small version named “Brackens Brown Beauty” now available through Amazon from the New Life Nursery (very highly rated):brackens brown 41aSucyciLL Mostly MagnoliaThe Bracken Brown Beauty has the widest hardiness range given to any Magnolia grandiflora cultivar being able to handle -20°F, it has more durability than other Magnolias as it can handle a wider variance of soil conditions and water levels than any other Magnolia grandiflora cultivar. It has a compact pyramidal-oval growth habit. The Bracken Brown Beauty has leathery textured 5 to 8 inch oblong leaves that appear glossy, dark green on top and the underside is covered with a fine cinnamon brown fuzz. In the spring and sporadically throughout the summer the Bracken Brown Beauty produces large fragrant creamy white saucer shaped flowers that are 8 inches wide. Great for use as a privacy screen or windbreak, an accent plant, for lining driveways, or as a specimen tree. Height : 25-30 Feet Width : 15-20 Feet Exposure : Full sun to partial shade Hardiness Zones : 5b-9

And New Life provides free shipping over $99 purchase!

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2 thoughts on “Mostly Magnolia”

  1. WWe bought a house last year and I looooooove the magnolia tree in our front yard! We moved in after the flowers had dropped and I couldn’t wait for it to bloom this year. They’re finally opening, but the weather has been soooo awful and yesterday (April 15th!) we had freezing rain, that I hope has not destroyed too many of the blooms. Is it possible to post a picture of it from last year?

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