Viburnum, Allium, Dogwood, Oh My!

What a beautiful spring this is! Viburnum is almost in its glory. Allium is almost in bloom. Dogwood and azalea are at their peak! We share with you more of our Maryland Spring “Grand Opening”:

April Brilliance 1 Viburnum, Allium, Dogwood, Oh My!
Viburnum blooms still need to turn white

Beds are beginning to sprout perennials. Alliums beginning to open.

April Brilliance 16 Viburnum, Allium, Dogwood, Oh My!
Allium beginning to bloom

Azalea blooming in spite of deer chewing their branches.

April Brilliance 15 Viburnum, Allium, Dogwood, Oh My!
Azalea in bloom

All is well.

April Brilliance 8 Viburnum, Allium, Dogwood, Oh My!
Beneath the dogwood bract

God bless you all!

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4 thoughts on “Viburnum, Allium, Dogwood, Oh My!”

  1. At least this cool wet spring is keeping the flowers fresher longer, and we have not stepped right from winter into summer as so often happens.

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