More of Our Spring in Bloom

Most of our spring classics have bloomed: daffodils, magnolia, crabapple, cherry, dogwood, redbud….

April Brilliance 12 More of Our Spring in Bloom
Hellebore still flowering

Now we are watching for the next wave: allium, viburnum, iris, peony, pinks….

April Brilliance 11 More of Our Spring in Bloom
Viburnum still green

So much excitement, so few hours to bask in their glory!

April Brilliance 21 More of Our Spring in Bloom
Holly flowers and berries

Mid Atlantic springs are long, but never as long as this one has been.

April Brilliance 10 More of Our Spring in Bloom
Ajuga in bloom

A short few days of 80 degree weather made everything break out at once, and then the long weeks of 60 degree weather have made it last.

April Brilliance 13 More of Our Spring in Bloom


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2 thoughts on “More of Our Spring in Bloom”

    1. Yes, Charlie, when I take guests around, it is funny to see them try to keep a straight face when I’m burbling on about the dried up blooms needing dead heading or the leaves poking through mulch, as I ask DH to bring his camera when narry a blossom is coloring the path! What a hoot!

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