Time for a Garden Tour

Sorry we can’t take you on a real tour in the garden. This is a virtual tour of May 18 in the garden. Out front, our small kousa dogwood bracts are open and whitening with each day.

May 18 back yard 7 Time for a Garden Tour
Kousa dogwood close up

The rose bush in the entryway to the back yard is loaded with buds and there is a full bloom to show you.

May 18 back yard 12 Time for a Garden Tour
First rose of the season

Oh, next to the kousa dogwood out front is a buckeye in the shade that has bloomed for several weeks. We planted it to extend the eye from our neighbor’s buckeye to ours, and to attract the humming birds that we see at their tree. Perhaps because of the chilly spring we have been having, we have not seen any humming birds this year.

May 18 back yard 5 Time for a Garden Tour
Buckeye (bottlebrush) close up of bloom

The American fringe tree in the front yard is also in bloom, showing a delicate tracery of white along its branches:

May 18 back yard 1 Time for a Garden Tour
Fringe tree in bloom

May 18 back yard 3 Time for a Garden Tour
Close up of fringe tree blooms

And in the side yard, but visible from the front driveway, is an old rhododendron in all its glory. This plant is very happy where it is!

May 18 back yard 10 Time for a Garden Tour
In spite of deer gnawing on it, rhody is flowering prolifically

Separated from the rhody by garden art and siberian iris is a large viburnum still in the last throws of its bloom. Lovely!

May 18 back yard 8 Time for a Garden Tour
Viburnum is still hanging on

We’ll continue our tour in another post, but until then, plan to come by and do a virtual walk with us.

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