Garden Tour of Our Backyard – Part 2

As we continue the tour of our garden, you will notice how the bearded iris are really at their peak. Only a day or two from now, we will need to start dead heading the spent blossoms and beginning to notice the sage growing up from between their leaves to replace these iris beds.

May 18 back yard 4 Garden Tour of Our Backyard   Part 2
I can’t resist showing you more bearded iris – they are at their height of bloom!

Next you will notice the Kousa dogwood showing its bracts, but not as white as they will get as they mature. Kousa dogwood bears its bracts after leafing out, unlike the florida dogwood which first opens its bracts and then leafs out.

May 18 back yard 6 Garden Tour of Our Backyard   Part 2
Kousa dogwood still a bit green

The snow ball viburnum are so heavily laden with blooms that the branches are sagging down and making the overall plant look even fatter!

May 18 back yard 9 Garden Tour of Our Backyard   Part 2
Viburnum blooms weighing down its branches

Oh, here are more bearded iris, this time two toned light and dark purple.

May 18 back yard 13 Garden Tour of Our Backyard   Part 2
Purple along the path

Finally, we come to the oldest bush in our collection, a 35 year old rhododendron.

May 18 back yard 11 Garden Tour of Our Backyard   Part 2
We plan to poke a branch or two under soil to make babies of this bloomer

Come back soon, and as the season progresses, there will be more to see and smell! Anyone who wants a cutting or root, let me know, and we’ll dig it now, before you leave!

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