Large Objects in the Landscape

There’s no telling what DH will shoot, but I am having a problem with the theme of my posts because of the heterogeneity of his shots. Shall I just group them by large objects and small? Maybe by single blooms and multiple? Or maybe just landscape shots? Oh well, enjoy!

There is a big honkin’ tree in bloom. (I’ve asked you guys out there what it is — but no one has ventured a guess.)

Big honkin' tree
Big honkin’ tree

I think I told you that DH gave me the best birthday present ever!? He had three guys come and weed, edge, and mulch the whole yard so that when I went out to the garden, I could devote my time to digging, dividing, seeding, and rearranging (at least until next month, anyway.)

Front all weeded and mulched!
Front all weeded and mulched!

All the paths are clear and mulched. Now I can see what is crowded and has to be moved (and divided).

Shade Path at side of house
Shade Path at side of house

The lamb’s ears and dutch iris are taking over the Urn Path and will have to be ruthlessly thinned and replanted elsewhere:

The Urn Path
The Urn Path

DH likes it “exuberant” but this is a little too. There’s a lilac on the left that has been munched bare by the deer, but is coming up nicely from its roots, so it will be taken down. Korean boxwood at the rear that is too tall and scraggly to keep its place — it will be pruned to bushiness.

june 10-41Oh, you get the idea!

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4 thoughts on “Large Objects in the Landscape”

  1. Hi Shenandoah, I simply adore your gardens. I could live out the rest of my days there in total happiness. It’s funny, my gardens have always been the exact opposite, mainly wildflowers and weeds because I study them, but lately I feel differently. I look forward to all y’alls posts, (DH and yours). Thank you ;)

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