Niwaki or “Giant Bonsai”

DH did his annual pruning and preening of our juniper. He does “cloud pruning” or niwaki. To me they are “giant bonsai.” And they are beautiful. I’m thinking of adopting one of his shots as the header for the blog. His photos are pretty magnificent!

Fleeting Architecture 05 20130622 Niwaki or Giant Bonsai

DH photo of his niwaki junipers at end of driveway

Then there was the super moon event, which DH photographed a day early:

Fleeting Architecture 25 20130621 Niwaki or Giant Bonsai

Super Moon 2013

Then there’s our exuberant borders on either side of the path to the urn:

Fleeting Architecture 09 20130621 Niwaki or Giant Bonsai

Urn Path mid June

Fleeting Architecture 21 20130621 Niwaki or Giant Bonsai

Right side of the Urn Path

Fleeting Architecture 23 20130621 Niwaki or Giant Bonsai

Closer to the urn

Fleeting Architecture 08 20130621 Niwaki or Giant Bonsai

The Urn Path from the lawn


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2 thoughts on “Niwaki or “Giant Bonsai”

    1. Thanks for noticing! He looked at his pruning and saw another branch-let that needed removing, so he wants to take another photo before I use it for my header. He’s such a perfectionist!

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