June Garden Photos

There’s nothing like 95 degree F heat to get you to slow down and enjoy the peace in your backyard. DH has taken some great photos of our garden in the last couple of days of the last third of June that I want to share with you.

Fleeting Architecture 24 20130621 June Garden Photos
Still a big moon out there, Folks!

Fleeting Architecture 06 20130621 June Garden Photos
Spectacular hydrangea as you enter the back yard!

There’s nothing like a hot spell to make me luxuriate in photos and counting our blessings.

Fleeting Architecture 27 20130617 June Garden Photos
Closeup of that hydrangea

I feel pretty good. Our health is good.

Fleeting Architecture 03 20130622 June Garden Photos
Green juniper niwaki

Our friends are well. The sun is hot but we can go inside to air conditioned coolness if it is too much. We’re going to a concert tonight.

Fleeting Architecture 07 20130621 June Garden Photos
Raised bed veggy garden behind fence to keep deer out

What are you doing in this heat? Have you been flooded or lost electricity from some weather event? What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

Fleeting Architecture 15 20130621 June Garden Photos
Got to thin out this bed and make a better place for the clematis to climb!

Fleeting Architecture 29 20130617 June Garden Photos
Okay, I’m a sucker for shasta daisies!

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2 thoughts on “June Garden Photos”

  1. We’ve had the same kind of heat, but fortunately nothing more dramatic than that. As I type this some rain is falling and I am thankful.

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