We Need an Arbor

We need an arbor. We have clematis planted at the base of an iceberg climbing rose bush. We have both planted inside a bronze pyramid about 4 feet high. But the deer munch on the roses, and the clematis vines are climbing and trying to grab onto every other plant in the bed. So I got out some supports that we had used last year to arch over our beds that held up netting to keep the deer away. These arch supports were okay to support netting, but they are not strong enough to support clematis vines that are very healthy and hearty during this summer heat and rain. So we need to find an arbor that will support the vines so DH and I can pass underneath. We have narrowed the search down to the following four. Would you please select which one you like best and respond in this post? Thanks for your help!

gothic arch master GUI008 We Need an Arbor
Gothic arch steel arbor

Gothic arch steel arbor

gardsman arch 81gdkdn6LnL. SL1200  We Need an Arbor
Charleston arbor

Charleston arbor

lowes garden arch 6950642601070lg We Need an Arbor
Garden arbor from Lowes

white arbor 41cD2fFYoVL We Need an Arbor
white arbor

white arbor

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9 thoughts on “We Need an Arbor”

  1. I would say the Goth, only because it seems wider so longer time between trimmings, and will be out of your way when passing through. But I think the white goes so well with the overall serene green feel of your gardens. I love them all, it would be hard for me to choose for myself. Good day to y’all.

    1. Hi Terressa!
      Thanks for your thoughts — I will check on the widths of these arbors, to see if the Gothic is wider than the others. I like the white one too, but we already have a black metal one in another part of the garden, so that is why I predominately selected mostly metal ones. You’re my first responder, so I’ll see what others think too. Thanks again!

  2. I think the Gothic would be beautiful for roses but the Charleston arbor has the structure and uumph to support your clematis. I can’t wait to see it in place! Thanks for letting us be a part of your gorgeous garden.

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