Five Of The Most Stunningly Beautiful Gardens In The World

We introduce you to five of the most beautiful gardens in the world!

Butchart Gardens from
Butchart Gardens from

Our guest author today is Jade Douglas. Jade is a 20-year old with a passion for Modern Languages. She enjoys travelling and exploring exciting new landscapes, as well as writing articles on her experiences in other cultures. She writes for Raw Garden.

Image of Butchart Gardens above is by dherrera_96

Travelling the world and bearing witness to incredible once-in-a-lifetime sights is without a doubt one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Too often however, the focus of this awe is directed solely onto feats of human-crafted architectural magnificence rather than onto the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Vibrant gardens full of life and colour can however provide the perfect retreat from the chores of everyday life.

Read on to discover more about the most beautiful gardens all around the world.

The Alhambra Gardens, Grenada: Spain

Originally constructed as part the grounds of an Islamic palace conceived as ‘a paradise on earth’, the gardens of this UNESCO world heritage site are a prime example of the contemporaneous design. The soothing peach hue of the buildings contrasting with the vivid greens of the foliage has earned the residence its name as “a peach set in emeralds”.

Alhambra Palace Gardens, Spain
Alhambra Palace Gardens, Spain from

Not only are the gardens home to an impressive array of columns, fountains and pools typical of the Renaissance period, the century-old elm trees that surround this site are also said to be the burial site of the former Nebrissian kings.

Lotusland Gardens, Santa Barbara: USA

Originally the Cuesta Linda estate, this 37-acre spread was bought in 1941 by the famous opera singer-turned-garden designer Madame Ganna Walska. Over 40 years, she cultivated and introduced over 3000 plants from all over the world, painstakingly crafting the 15+ gardens (including a butterfly, tropical and Japanese area) that attract millions of visitors per year.

Lotusland from
Lotusland from

From the pink leaved Japanese maple through to the water garden flanked by graceful lilies and the sculpted giraffes of the topiary garden, this site is a must-see for any horticultural enthusiast.

Gardens of the Villa d’Este, Tivoli: Italy

Formally a Benedictine monastery, this now state-owned villa is the perfect example of Italian Renaissance design. Rated by UNESCO as one of Italy’s 31 major historical and artistic sites, the garden is home to more than 500 spectacular water features including the dominating “fountain of dragons” and the striking mosaics at the “Grotto of Diana”.

Villa d'Este gardens from
Villa d’Este gardens from

Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech: Morocco

One of the most visited sites in Morocco; this jardin is the product of 40 years toil by Jacques Majorelle, who took great joy in amassing the incredible collection of plants on show today. Home to the Islamic Art Museum of Marrakech, the spectacular garden boasts a clean finish, bold colours, and towering palm trees – providing a perfect sanctuary from the bustle of the nearby city. A vast collection of fascinating plants, numerous picturesque waterways, and various species of nesting birds means this is an exhibit you cannot afford to miss.

Jardin Majorelle from
Jardin Majorelle from

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island: British Columbia

A 55-acre spread of over 700 varieties of plants, this plot is the result of an amazing transformation from a quarry into a spectacular range that was voted “Garden of the Year” in 2011. From the vivid rainbow of hues displayed throughout spring and summer to the rich gold, reds and russets of autumn, the breath-taking scenes of vibrant color will leave you in awe all year long.

Still under the ownership and care of the Butchart family, the site attracts more than a million visitors each year and has been designated a National Historical Site of Canada due to its international prestige.

Butchart Gardens from
Butchart Gardens from

Certainly, the beauty of nature and visual feast provided by stunningly beautiful landscaped gardens cannot be underestimated. These 5 sites are amongst the very best the world has to offer but there are certainly more horticultural gems waiting to be uncovered – get out there and find them!

Have you ever paid a visit to a garden that has simply blown you away? Comment and share your findings with other gardening enthusiasts!

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2 thoughts on “Five Of The Most Stunningly Beautiful Gardens In The World”

  1. I agree with all but Buchart Gardens. I was terribly disappointed when I visited. The garden sacrifices design and atmosphere to garish, much too colorful bedding planting. The main design principle seems to be color first, lots of color. I found the place too much like a floral Disneyland.

    1. James,
      I have never visited Buchart Gardens, or any of the gardens our guest blogger mentions. I can see from the photos on the web what you are talking about, though. Oh well…I am so plant crazy that I even like the topiaries at Disney World in Orlando! But as a place to emulate in my own garden, I would put Buchart at “too high maintenance” for me.
      Best to you,

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