10 Furnishing Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

Today’s guest blogger is Henry Anderson, an avid blogger who writes for Timber Living Outdoors, a company offering a range of furniture for outdoor use in Australia. He enjoys sailing whenever he isn’t busy with work.

Fleeting Architect's back yard patio
Fleeting Architect’s back yard patio

Furnishing the interior of your home takes so much time that not a lot of attention is paid on your outdoor space. The backyard, garden or just a piece of land you don’t know what to do with can be used for various purposes, if you give it some time, let it prove itself. Also, decorating it well enough will add to the overall beauty of your home immensely. Hence, to assist you in decorating the backyard, here are a few simple, easy yet beautiful ideas for your outdoor space:

Pretty Patio:

The patio can drastically change the entire look of the backyard, if done correctly. You can make it look polished without overdoing things by going with a single color palette on the lines of white, off-white or more distinctively ivory. So the furnishings like the table, chairs, umbrellas etc can be on an ivory color scheme. You can also go for a riot of colors, where everything is bright and sparkly; another option is the wooden look which, needless to say, will look beautiful amongst the greens in your garden.

Garden House:

If the space is big, why not make full use of it? A garden house is a wonderful idea for kids to play in or for a mini library or even a “solitude zone”. It can also be used as a shed or storage area, but just a pretty looking one.

Stepping stones:

Flagstone path at Fleeting Architect
Flagstone path at Fleeting Architect

Stone finish, if used correctly, can bring alive the wilderness of your backyard by just featuring in it. Be it, as flooring or steps or even the door area. Anything made of stone will add to the quaint charm of your pretty backyard.

Dressing the earth: 

Sometimes, especially if you are hosting a party on the outdoor space, you can add bright and colorful outdoors rugs for the flooring of your garden. Green grass is beautiful, but it can look better if complimented with primary colors that will brighten up anybody’s day.

Tents, Marquees:

You have always loved the idea of having a party tent haven’t you? You should if you haven’t; they are gorgeous. On a lazy day, call your friends over, throw a summer party and protect them from the scorching sun by installing party tents, sheds or marquees. Most of them are DIY, even unforeseen rains will not dampen the party and overall they give a very warm, cosy vibe. Keep your tables and chairs under the shade when eating, replace the furnishings with mattresses when resting, have fun in life basically.

Mix seating: 

For chairs, you can sometimes ditch the monochrome theme and go with different colored chairs for everyone to sit in. There can also be colored bean bags if chairs are not fun enough. Every family member can have their favorite colored seat that no one can take away or sit on, by order.


Old shutters which have no use around the house? Don’t throw them away, they will feel bad. Instead, use them to create a privacy screen in your garden. You can even surround your coffee or tea drinking area with these shutters. Give them a fresh coat of paint, adorn them with flowers and plants, and make them feel wanted.

Light it up:

Be it your old Christmas lights (which are still working), random fairy lights you bought on a whim or decorations your child brought home because they felt like it. You can use them all to decorate the shrubs and bushes in your garden or pavement. Basically any outdoor space present in your home can get a complete makeover by just being lit up. The twinkling lights can add a sparkle to ignored and morose looking storage spaces and sheds as well.


Privacy fence from blog at midatlantic deck and fence
Privacy fence from blog at Midatlantic Deck and Fence Co.

To get some privacy you can also get a wooden or similarly aesthetically appealing fencing done. This will give a definite border to your area, making it look well defined and cozy. Especially if you like to use the outdoor space for dining and parties, getting a fence will be a good idea.

Lounge area:

We all love comfortable couches and beds, they can be more fun though if put outside. This idea appeals more when the weather outside is perfect with no hint of rain or snow. In such seasons, you can transform your outdoor space into a lounge by adding a couch or a bed, surrounded by plants and pretty lanterns to emit a soft, glowing light. Call some friends over, or sit with your partner and discuss life in general. It will be pleasant, happy and soothing. No one will fight because of the prettiness around them.

These are a few of the additions you can make in your outdoor space making it look well furnished and gorgeous.      


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