5 Storage Tips For Your Garden That Will Leave It Looking Great

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Some people don’t take the time to look after their garden and it looks like a disaster zone. Everything is lying around everywhere and there is no way someone could sit outside without feeling less than happy. Even when they have a little garden shed, the place still somehow tends to look sloppy and ill-kept. When you see a garden that looks like this you probably feel sorry for whoever lives there because they let it slip away from them, but you should look closer to home before you judge other people. Their garden may look terrible, but yours may not look so great either.

There is no excuse not to have a great looking garden. Everyone spends far too much time worrying about what the inside of their home looks like, but most people are only going to see what is on the outside. The biggest problem I see is the inability to store things better. Even if you only have a few things lying around, it can ruin the look and feel of your garden, so we’re going to look at some cool storage options you have available to you.

Hang your garden tools

You want to have easy access to your garden tools, but maybe because your shed is pretty full, you might end up keeping some lying outside leaning up against it. You should try to pick up a wooden pallet the next time you’re at the garden center. Paint it a nice color and nail it to your garden shed. Then you can stick in a few nails in it from which you’ll be able to hang your tools. Or if your shed is wood, you can simply nail hooks on its outside walls from which to hang your tools. Instant shed decoration! Or if you have no shed at all, think about how you can hang up your tools on the side of your house or garage, again as instant decoration.

Storing the children’s toys

If you have small children, you have a lot of toys lying around in the garden. This is a bad idea because it might invite people to steal them, and it’s messy and a trip-hazard. Instead of spending lots of money on a huge outdoor toy box, you could pick up a few old tires and stick them on top of each other. After you’ve painted them a bright color, you can keep the toys inside the stack. Or you can poke holes in a large garden pot (if it doesn’t already have them) and use that as a toy storage container!

A temporary solution for a hothouse

A lot of people decide to grow vegetables in their garden, but they only grow something once a year in their particular climate, and in order to get a head start, they need a greenhouse or something similar to keep their seedlings warm until the weather warms up. If you bought a greenhouse it would take up a big chunk of space and it is possible that you’re not going to use it all the time, if you only need it for the veggie season. It would be much easier if you bought a temporary or collapsible greenhouse because you could erect it when you want to start growing something in the cool months, and then it could be stored away when you’re done.

Use labeled boxes

When you stick things in boxes and throw them in your garden shed or other garden storage area, it will take you a long time to find them. You might think that it’s much easier to just leave things lying around because they will always be on hand. Have you ever thought about labeling your boxes so things are easier to find? It’s an obvious solution to a messy problem, but when your mind isn’t thinking straight, you might not think to do it. Go out with a marking pen in hand and label those fertilizers, bulbs, and all the other “stuff” you’ve stuffed in those boxes!

Hidden storage areas

You can’t just stuff everything into your storage shed or garden storage area until it’s bursting at the seams, so you often need to find somewhere else to store things. This isn’t good if you only have a small garden because you’re already short on space. You can easily create a hidden storage area underneath some outdoor benches. Imagine a storage box with a cushioned lid on the top that people can sit on. Another idea is to look under your deck even if it is low to the ground and see if there is extra space there. If so, buy those under-bed storage slide plastic bins and fill them (and label them) and shove them under the deck.

You’ll be glad when it’s done

Even though your garden isn’t terrible looking, it will look so much better when it’s 100% neat and tidy. When everything is stored properly, you will feel proud of your garden every time you walk outside. We’ve talked about a few options you can use, but I’m sure there are plenty more out there you can look at.

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