Christmas Eve and All Is Well!

Fleeting Architecture 20131215 13 Christmas Eve and All Is Well!
Duck on the Dock

Happy Christmas Eve to you all! It is about 11 am where I am and crisp and sunny! We lost a neighbor across the street last week (to cancer) and his large family (four children) and widow are deep into mourning — it makes us think of what we have — each other — and a prayer of thanks goes forward and a prayer for their peace at this very difficult time.

Fleeting Architecture 20131215 02 Christmas Eve and All Is Well!
Reflecting Cormorant

Are you a regifter? I am. I am at that stage in my life where I don’t need more things, and I am constantly evaluating the things I have as to who in my life I want to give it to. So when I get the huge stash of Christmas gifts from friends and family, I mark from whom they are (for thank you note purposes and so I don’t accidentally regift it back to them :o)

Fleeting Architecture 20131215 03 Christmas Eve and All Is Well!
Great Blue Heron

This year I bought 10 very large amaryllis bulbs and framed several of my pastels to gift, along with food goodies we have been purchasing all year that are special stuff that we can’t buy in grocery stores (think Amish pickled green beans and beets, or “F.R.O.G.” jelly – figs, raspberries, oranges, and ginger), so we have been packing baskets of food, planted amaryllis (started in October), a pastel as a special gift, and some re-gifts (a Spode bowl, a Lenox bowl, a candle and candle holder, and other stuff like that). It’s been fun!

Fleeting Architecture 20131215 04 Christmas Eve and All Is Well!
Foraging Flamingo

May your Christmas be peaceful and blessed!

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