County Fair is More than Fair

Fleeting Architecture 2014 219 14 28 58 County Fair is More than Fair
Can’t get enough of the little guys working over the flowers

Even though we live in a very urban county, it still conducts a County Fair every August.

Fleeting Architecture 2014 220 10 13 04 County Fair is More than Fair
I guess there must be some nectar somewhere

Children and adults can be transported back to a different way of life, seeing 4-H animals — cows, goats, horses, pigs, sheep, prize fruit, flowers, and vegetables, home-made food from these garden and farm treasures (cheese, pies), a fairway with games and sounds and carousels and other rides and, well, wholesome stuff to while away a day or afternoon….

Fleeting Architecture 2014 220 12 59 15 County Fair is More than Fair
Dahlia opening

It took us back to the last century in flavor (griddle cakes) and smells (tractor pulls) and giggles (slipping in the, uh, muck).

Fleeting Architecture 2014 220 14 23 15 County Fair is More than Fair
Black-eyed susan is Maryland’s state flower

They even chose a fair queen and her court.

Fleeting Architecture 2014 220 13 00 54 County Fair is More than Fair
More nectar

Fleeting Architecture 2014 220 12 59 02 County Fair is More than Fair
Even the little stuff trumps the metal ornaments

Do you have local fairs still in your neighborhood? Have you visited one this year?

2 thoughts on “County Fair is More than Fair”

  1. Isn’t gardening the most healing activity you can think of? I loved your pictures . As for the county fair, you linked to my post about going to the fair with my grandchildren and their mother…it was one of the best time for my whole summer.

    Thank you for this blog. Your aim is perfect…gardening keeps us young and strong where nothing else will.


    1. Hi b+, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. County fairs are great “old time” opportunities for the whole family. So glad you shared your opportunity! Best to you!

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